Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great appointment - first of a few this month

This morning we had our eye appointment with Dr. Aaby and I am happy to report, that both girls are doing great!!! Eyes are clear, eye sight is fantastic and nowhere any cataract in sight. I am so happy. Ron asked me earlier whether I was concerned and truth be said that I really was not but then you just never know. It is just always such a relief when things are OK. By the way - both girls absolutely loved the appointment. There is a great playroom complete with a castle, and Sleeping Beauty painted on the wall. The girls loved identifying things even so Mia Rose threw the assistant of for a second when she called the cake a "pancake". Even getting the drops were no big deal.

After the exam, we dropped of Ron at work and I treated us ladies out for breakfast at Jam. Vegan pancakes for the girls with a side of bacon :). Alena is now at school and she proudly is wearing her sunglasses. Have a great day, everyone!


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