Saturday, March 6, 2010

Little t Baker for breakfast

Yesterday Mia Rose and I met a few people at Little t Baker for breakfast before going to the playground. Their bread is outstanding and all but the Brioche as well as the Pretzel bread are without milk derivatives. Note, that the Pretzel bread (aka Laugenstangen) are available for special order without butter, just "off the shelf" unfortunately does not work for the kiddos.

In any case, we have not been there for a while so yesterday we found a couple of new items the kids can eat. One item is a Green Pea & Bacon Leaf which Mia Rose had. Wow - out of this world!!! Packed full with lovely bits of bacon, and it has a little greenish tint for the peas. So, so good!!! Mia Rosie actually ate the entire thing...and may I add that it it quite large :).

The other item we found yesterday was a Hazelnut Rochet (sp?) it also looked delicious and I was so thrilled to see that there now also is a pastry item available for the girls. BTW - the Green Pea & Bacon Leaf are weekend items only, but the Rochet (sp?) is available everyday. Oh, and if neither appeals to you then order the "Continental Short and Skinny Bread" and skip the butter. Delicious....

Here is the link Enjoy!!!


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