Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chocolate Easter Bunnies and other goodies

Easter is right around the corner and I have to admit that the girls never had chocolate Easter Bunnies. Not, because we do not want them to eat chocolate but because I did not find them. Maybe I just did not look hard enough before. Most of the dark chocolate ones contain milk powder and the ones containing butterfat make me just a bit leery, so I stay away from chocolate containing butterfat. In any case, earlier this week we were at New Season's and I did not find any "safe" chocolate bunnies; yesterday we were at Fred Meyer's and you know what they carry a dark chocolate bunny from Lindt. I actually think, that this is the same one they sell for Christmas as Reindeer :) Seriously, I got the girls the Reindeer's for St. Nikolaus and was laughing so hard that the chocolate itself looked like an Easter Bunny. So in any case, Lindt is thankfully selling the Easter Bunny shape not only wrapped as a Reindeer but also rightfully wrapped as an Easter Bunny. there it is. First chocolate Easter Bunnies for our girls. Here is the link - and nutritional information is also on this site

The other all time favorite in our house are of course Jelly Beans, and Pez Dispensers. The girls love them. Other "safe" items I found at Fred Meyer's were Bubble Gum Eggs which I don't find that thrilling, but the girls would surely love them :)

Have a great day everyone!


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