Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring break - Fun at the mountain

It's spring break this week and we just got back from a fun get away to the mountain. The mountain for all of you not living in Portland, is Mt. Hood and the surrounding vicinity. It is actually only an hour drive from our house, but so fun. We stayed for four days at a cabin and had so much fun watching wildlife, walking, sledding, and even hiking...

We looked into a stream at Wildwood. A big window is installed below a stream and you can actually look into the stream. The next day we drove up to the mountain and went sledding. This was the first time we took the girls sledding and both had so much fun. Eventually both of them sled down alone. The only challenge - for Mia Rosie - was getting back up the hill. So we took turns walking or sledding (yup - the parental units loved it too :) ) down the hill to lend Mia Rosie a hand to get back up. Our final activity of the trip was a hike along the Salmon River. It was amazing - the forest is so lush and green; butterflies were everywhere. Alena and I were expecting to see fairies while Ron and Mia Rosie went looking for salamanders. Neither of us succeeded. Mia Rose walked the entire way (we did not go that far) it was great! It feels so good to be able to go back out into nature. We love it!!!

The only issue with going out the mountain is that food is very, very limited. The girls wanted ice cream badly and there is no soy, rice, etc. ice cream available. But, the store sold individual servings of Raspberry Sorbet which both of them loved. Of course they originally wanted chocolate, or strawberry, or lemon but the only flavor that was safe was raspberry. What is amazing to me is that it was not a big deal. They both said "oooohhh that's too bad" but that was it and they were both happy with their raspberry sorbet.

The food options are limiting and we brought everything with us. After sledding went for lunch. The menu had several options for the kids, and even on the kid's menu. The options on the kid's menu were - pizza, or ribs. Both girls chose ribs with french fries. Mia Rose loved the ribs, while Alena loved her fries...So, if you are in Government Camp and are looking for good food for all as well as great beer should check out


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