Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Thursday Night Dinner picture because...

...the girls first had an ice cream - popsicle - once they were done at the fountain. There was no way around it. Mia Rose had been to the Farmer's Market earlier this afternoon and everybody had some ice cream, "but" she told me "it was with Milch so I could not have any". It was really just a matter of fact statement from her, but did stung my heart just a little bit. SO, you better belive that I made sure our girlies got an ice cream treat at the park :) There was only one option, but they surely loved it.

Oh, and dinner...well it was my off cooking day, so I decided, and Mia Rosie got to choose. And do you know what she chose? Yup, Burgerville - two Hamburger Kid Meal's with apple juice.

Have a great night!


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