Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Night Dinner - Yes, it is true..

...all I made was this salad, a Vinaigrette, and I admit to cooking/serving plain pasta at a later Time. Why only a salad you may ask? Well, because we were at a big Potluck Party for Mia Rosies' graduation from preschool. Yes, it is true we now have a Kindergartener :)

In any case, the big event was held right here in SE Portland at a wonderful park and playground. So our kids were way too busy playing and had no interest in food. Because there are so many dietary issues - no gluten, no nuts, no milk, etc. everybody had labeled the allergens, or ingredients on the bowl, tray, etc. I just love how everybody is so aware of dietary issues :) There was plenty of foods, the girls could have eaten but they were just too busy playing on a hot summer day! Alena however did eat some guacamole and chips and both drank plenty of lemonade :)


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