Friday, June 1, 2012

Not always fun and games...

I really should not complain, and this is not what I intend to do, but truth is that this mothership feels a little beat up today.  Just over sensitive as I dislike to see fear in the eyes of my girlies.  Yes, yes just
like everyone else, and it really is not a big deal but I need to get it off my chest. So here it goes...

We were at the dentists' office a couple of weeks ago where more cavities were discovered in Mia Rose.  This is shocking, since she never goes to bed without brushing her teeth. First she was  excited about having cavities because of the movie, and the smell of the laughing gas.  Our appointment was yesterday and for the first time ever, Mia Rose wanted me in the room with her. She was such a big girl, but kept moaning. I wanted to take her out of the dental chair and run away with her.  I am such a sap - really - and my little girl kept moaning.  She did great and is fine but one thing changed because because she does not want to go back to see the dentist. Maybe it was me projecting my fear on her.  Right?!  Anyway, it's done - we have one more session to go...

That was yesterday', and today we went up to the hill for our blood draw.  It was also the first time, that I applied the "magic cream" on both of the girls.  Both, had a hard time sleeping - Mia Rose kept asking whether the "nail" (needle) would hurt and I explained that she will not feel it due to the magic cream.  We rode the tram up to OHSU - the best part - and to the lab we went.
Alena riding up to OHSU with the tram

It was the first time that Mia Rose cried during the draw; yes, she did cry when she was a baby.  Alena took pictures.  Then it was Alena's turn.  The phlebotomist and I were both worried that she would hyperventilate again. She cried, but then she "oh, that was not bad at all".
After the blood draw picking out their prizes

Well yes, it is not a big deal but it is an ordeal for me. It works me, it stresses me...- yikes, I really do sound whiney now, don't I?  Rest assured, I am not whiney just feeling the stress of motherhood a little bit today....Thank you for reading!

Riding the tram back down the hill after the draw
Alena with one of the phlebotomist's


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