Sunday, June 3, 2012

Playful Sunday and Three-Pea Cashew and Tofu Stir-fry

Wow, I can hardly believe it that the school year is almost done.  Where did all the time go? Just flying by...both girls have made friends in school.  So today Alena went over to a friend's house to play, and Mia Rose had a friend come over to our house. It worked out great as there was no sibling rivalry and Mia Rose got to play alone with her friend.   Ron took the two - dressed up in princess dresses - to the playground while I went to pick-up Alena.  We met at the playground where the three of them played in unison on the monkey bars.  Are they not super cute?!

Dinner was Three-Pea Cashew Tofu Stir-fry with a side of, not mixed green salad, but beef.  Yes, you read correctly beef.  Why?  Well, my husband is not - unlike me and Alena - that fond of tofu. He really is willing to try everything, but not really when it comes to tofu.  So, I sliced a sirloin steak thin marinated it in a little Hoisin sauce mixed with garlic-chili sauce, stir fried it, and served it on the side.

I found this recipe on a blog I follow and it sounded delicious take a look I followed her recommendation and marinated the tofu in a little bit of soy sauce* after it was browned.  Let me tell you, this recipe was delicious!  Oh, and are you curious about Ron with the tofu?  He actually liked the tofu in the dish! Both girlies loved it as well.  Yay!!!  Here is the link to the recipe p://

*We allow both of our girls to eat soy sauce - the only food items we limit are those containing lactose,
  whey, etc.


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