Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pizza Party in Kindergarten

I cannot believe that Mia Rose is almost graduating Kindergarten. Such a bitter-sweet moment..ah, this is the sentimental Mama talking in me. I am so happy for my big baby girl :). Today Rose's class celebrated with a pizza party. The Kindergarten teacher's ordered pizza in. How fun! The teacher announced the plans for the party last week, so we had plenty of time to plan for it. We had the option to bing regular lunch, or participate. How could I expect my child to eat her "standard" lunch while all her friends are eating pizza?! No way!

The original pan was for me to bring the pizza - pepperoni from Pizicato to e exact - at lunch time; at the time I did not realize that I had appointments at that time. So we adjusted our plan, ordered and picked-up the pizza last night. This way, also Alena had lunch for pizza in her lunch box, and Ma Rose proudly brought her pizza box to her teacher. Yay!!! Mia Rose was SO excited!!!

They had a great time with Mia Rose eating her Galactosemia safe, milk free pizza and her friends eating their "regular" cheese pizza. Oh, and just in case you are wondering: no, I am not worried that they would share food, or Mia Rose trying "unsafe" pizza. Mia Rose, her teacher, and friends all know that she cannot have "regular" pizza as it is not safe for her. I am so happy!!!


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