Monday, September 24, 2012

Oktoberfest this time at Oaks Park

Who does not love fall? Right?!  The air is crisp, the sky is blue and {we are lucky} the sun is shining.  Perfect time for Oktoberfest :) Truth be said,  I am not that much into Oktoberfest but it is very popular :)  Anyway, I was volunteering at the Kinderplatz at the Oaks Park Oktoberfest and as Ron was running a 1/2 Marathon I brought both girlies along.  They were pretty content to try out all the crafts

we were offering - Schultueten {School "cones" German children get on the very first day of school},

color in paper hearts, and make crowns.

 They did tire of it so,  luckily there were another couple of volunteers who did an amazing job of entertaining the girlies.  My lucky girls even got to go on the rides :)   {thank you they had so much fun}

I know this is hardly ground breaking, or news worthy or anything like it.  But you know what?  When Alena was little, I did not know whether she would do all these things.  What would she eat?  Well,  I did do some planning.  I packed a couple of slices (cheese less) pizzas, and a couple of slices of Zwetschgenkuchen - just in case :)   We were prepared for that there would be no food for them. Well, you know it is just something we have learned to do over the years, but you know what?!  There were sausages from Edelweiss and we know they are "safe".  Yay!  But why am I telling you this?  Well, am telling the little story to show that our kids are just like all other kids.  You may have to prepare a little more but in the end, there is no difference.  Yes, food may or may not be an issue.  Is it really a big deal?  Especially since so many times you will be able to find "safe" foods for them?  In any case,  we all had a great time!  Prost!


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