Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September #NewbornScreening Awareness Month and its back to school :)

Yup, and you may wonder what do the two have in common? They have everything in common and are both closely related to one another.  How so?  If you have read my blog before, or know me then I am sure you know the answer, right?!  But just in case you do not know the answer I will let you know...

Both of my - our - children have a rare metabolic disorder called Classic Galactosemia.  Classic Galactosemia is one of the disorders detected at the newborn screening test {some people refer to it as the "heel prick", or "PKU Test"}.  It is one of those disorders {like all of the ones on the newbornscreening test} that can have very adverse results if not detected. We are one of the lucky families.  Our oldest daughter was diagnosed "just in time".  Yes, she still became very, very ill but Alena survived, and  is a thriving, healthy girl.  Without newborn screening, Alena most likely would not have survived.  It is simple as that - and you know, the same holds true for our second daughter.  Yes, she never got ill but only because she was a) never exposed to breast, or any other kind of milk containing galactose, and b) because of her newborn screening result. So can you imagine how dramatically different our - Ron's and mine - word would be without newborn screening?  Please click on the link, if you would like to read our story

So when I look at our children, I am forever grateful for the test that saved their lives.  I am constantly reminded of this.  Today, as the girls and I spent our last lazy summer day together it was a constant reminder.  We are lucky beyond belief that we get to see our children grow, and be excited with both of them to be going back to school tomorrow

Please tell all your family and friends who are expecting babies about the test that saved my girls.  You can learn about it it from the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation, and by watching this fantastic video.
Silly girls
Take a look at our silly girls, and cat :)


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