Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Easy Bread w/ Walnuts, Lentil Soup & Winter Break

The girls are already off from school and we not been getting out as much as we usually do.  I do think so that it is time for the girls to just relax a little at home.  We have been so busy so some rest is very much needed...

Yesterday the treat the girls treats in their  Advent Calendars was ticket to go to Burgerville for lunch.  Let me must say that they were excited about that :)  First they got their haircut, and the Burgerville for lunch. is little things.

Take a look the ladies with the new hair...

For dinner I made a quick and easy lentil soup with those little mini sausages both girls love so much. I lost complete track as I did not manage to prepare - not even the quick version - the dough for No Knead Bread.  And you know, that you have to have crusty bread with lentil soup, right?!

In any case, I searched and found a recipe for a quick bread.  Figured there is no harm in trying it out - worst case scenario it will not be crunchy, right?  But...I am happy to report that it turned out delicious! I added some walnuts, and oh my delicious.  It took about 1-1/2 hrs from making the dough to delicious bread.  This one is most definitely a keeper.  

Easy Bread with Walnuts
4 C       Flour {I used my "standard" White Flour from Bob's Red Mill}
3 tsp     Baking Powder
1-3/4 C warm water
2 Tbl    Vinegar {I used red wine vinegar}
2 tsp     Salt
3/4-1C Walnuts coarsely chopped

1. Pour flour and salt in a large bowl.  Mix it up.
2. Add baking powder to the warm water.  Mix well, and then pour the mixture over the flour/salt.
3. Add vinegar and mix the dough completely.  It will be very shaggy.
4. Add nuts
5. Grease a Loaf Pan, and spread dough into it
6. Bake in convection oven at 375 F  {or standardd at 400 F - not preheated}.  After app. 15 minutes
    take a knife and cut dough from top to bottom about 1/2" deep.
7. Bake for 50 - 60 minutes - until top is golden brown {to your liking}
8. Take out of oven - remove from pan.  Let it cool down before slicing it!


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