Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday Night = Taco Night #Dinner #Dairyfree

My kids love, love, love taco's...out of all fairness I probably should clarify that Alena loves them even more than Mia Rose.  I think it is in part that everyone makes their own meal, and gets to spin the Lazy Susan for it.  Yes, that is right the Lazy Susan comes out for Taco Night :)

Truth be said, all of us like taco night since it is also just such an easy dinner.  Oh, and I know you are wondering crunchy, or soft tacos? Yes, it is crunchy tacos at this house....and there is always beef - for Mia Rose our carnivore - as well as plenty of refried beans - for Alena; homemade guacamole; and a jar {it was Newman's Own Pineapple last night} of salsa.  But what are taco's without Better than Sour Cream {milk free} from Tofutti? At least that is what Mia Rose and Alena think.  I tried to leave it off the dinner table last night, Mia Rose spotted it right away and asked "where is the sour cream" walked to the fridge to retrieve the new container...Yes, there is no way - at least in this house - to have taco's without Better than Sour Cream...

Tofutti Dairyfree Sour Cream


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