Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weeknight Dinners inspired by #SundaySupper

I have been thinking about the perfect title for this post; originally I intended three different posts and had them all "written" in my head.  Yes - sometimes I really wish that a device would exist that reads my mind; well, you know writes the actual copy of the well formulated post  that is still stuck in my head...

This week has - again - been super fast it seems the more busy I get the faster time runs by.  Is that not the truth?  Anyway, you want to know about our dinners, right?! Two out of three dinners this week were inspired by dishes from last week's #SundaySupper Spring event.  Is that not awesome? So many amazing and easy dishes...

Monday Night -  Raw Asparagus Pesto with Orecchietti and Potatoes inspired by the Webicurian

This was not only an amazing dish, but also so easy for a Weeknight Dinner.  Oh yes, and who does not love the little ear shaped pasta, right? - I adapted the recipe a little bit using only 1/2 of the asparagus and made the changes

-  raw asparagus instead of blanched
-  walnuts instead of pine nuts
-  baby yellow potatoes instead of fingerling potatoes
Raw Asparagus Pesto Pasta

Perfect meal and also a great lunch the next day.  Both lunch pails were empty :) -

Tuesday Night - Leak Tart {Lauchkuchen}

A little different twist this time from my usual recipe as I added some diced ham (1/4 lb.) {make sure that there is no dairy in the ham

Leak Tart

Wednesday Night - Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup with Sausage inspired by Fast Food to Fresh Food

This soup is simply amazing plus so super easy - do not get scared off by the sweet and sour combo - it is perfect!!!...and you have lunch for the next couple of days, or a nice leftover dinner.

I adapted this recipe by adding 3/4 lbs. of bulk sage sausage, and replaced the honey with light agave {as this is what I had at home}.  I added some hot pepper flakes to my bowl and really, really, really enjoyed that.....
Soup Sweet and Sour Cabbage


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