Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another great family hike...

...we returned last night from our wonderful vacation at the Allgaeuer Berghof Before we drove back to Tuttlingen
we went on one more hike through the Breitach Klamm.  It was fantastic! The entire hike was about two hours round trip and the promise of Pommes Frites as well as Almdudler at the hut got the girls very excited :) We had to pass the first hut, and hike up to another one as the first one did not offer Pommes, nor many other safe food options for the girlies. We hiked up to the second hut and voila both ladies had a huge plate of Pommes :)

Oh, and if you are interested to see were we hiked check out this link the link is in German only, check out the pictures under "Sommer" and "Winter"


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