Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday and Tuesday recap for those interested :)

...our last few days in Tuttlingen have come and gone. Tomorrow we head back to Portland.
So what did we do? On Monday, the girls went to school and I worked. In the afternoon we went for a swim at TuWass for a final time this trip. The girls had fun - afterwards I wanted to stop at the butcher to get some sausages for Vesper. I was in for a surprise as they were closed - so instead of sausages we got some vegetable spread aka Tartex. It is made out of nutritional yeast and so good. Mia Rosie loved it :)

Today - Tuesday - the girls went to school a final time this trip, while I worked and the got us all packed up. Whoo-hoo - the only item left to pack is the carry on. Oh, and the picture shows the girls before Vesper enjoying some KiKa (similar to Sprout). Ok - it's almost time for me to go to bed...


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