Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy at on the Mainau

it is Sunday morning as I write this.  We are all sitting on the couch in our PJs.  The girls are enjoying some well deserved Sunday morning kids program on TV while I write.  A nice start into another sunny day...

Yesterday we spent a fun day on the Mainau, which is the Blumeninsel "flower island" on the Lake of Constance -> We left in the late morning and after about an hours drive we arrived.  It was quite chilly, and we first needed to warm up with some tea to be ready to visit the island.

There is the most amazing playground on the Mainau.  It is complete with a huge water feature, rafts, amazing climbing options, and much more.  The playground is really challenging - and there is also a dryer available. You know, just in case somebody falls in the water, or gets wet feet.  It was in use yesterday but luckily not by us :)

Amazing Playground
Alena and Mia Rose on the raft

We then moved past some ducks and a peacock made out of flowers to the petting zoo.  Both girls enjoyed a pony ride.  Alena got to ride on Raufi.  Raufi is the pony,  Alena had her first pony ride on a couple of years back. It just happened by coincidence :)
Alena in front of the Peacock

For lunch time we stopped at a restaurant.  Guess what the girls ate?  Yes,  I am sure you guessed right.  Pommes Frites (french fries) with mayonnaise, ketchup and a glass of Fanta...Next stop was the Schmetterling Haus (Butterfly house).  It is a hall with lots of tropical plants, water features, and free flying butterflies.  It is magical and we got completely lost in it....
Isn't it magical?

Back in Tuttlingen we had dinner with my girlfriend at her house;  sausages, meat off the grill, potatoes out of the oven, and a delicious salad.  All - of course - safe for the girls :)


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