Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday - business lunch with girls and another playground

Good morning!  It is Thursday morning here, and we are just about ready for the day :)

We spent yesterday as has become our routine; school started early for Alena so Mia Rose also had to go early.  It was an average school day for Alena,  and Waldtag - the kids hiked into the woods to a cabin - for Mia Rose.  It will be Waldtag the rest of the week for the Kindergarten kids.  It is soooo cute...I worked until noon and then picked up the girls to take them along for my lunch appointment.  This is the first time, they came along and I have to say that it worked out OK.  We had lunch in a pizzeria in a town close to here.  Ahead of time I determined whether they could eat pizza and voila it was possible.  Alena ate pizza with ham - label double checked - and tomato sauce; while Mia Rosie enjoyed Penne alio e aglio.  Both of course without cheese.  First working meeting I had with both girls...
Mia Rose and Alena climbing up to get to the top of the slide

As a reward we went to a different playground after the meeting where we spent an hour, before heading back to the apartment.

I better go now as both girls are ready to be taken to school :)


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