Monday, March 5, 2012

An entertaining weekend...

recap on this rainy Monday morning.  We had another fun weekend and I did not cook one meal the entire weekend.  Can you believe it?!  Not one meal - besides breakfast on Saturday morning....I probably should not admit to that, right?! So what did we do? 

We spent our Saturday as usual, with the girls going to the Sophie Scholl German Immersion Saturday School, and me working while they are there.  After school, we met Ron at Porque No in Southeast Portland for lunch, and then went back home to relax.  The sitter around 5 pm, took the girls to the playground, made them dinner, etc. while Ron and I went on a date.  Fun was had by the entire family!  

For Sunday we went out for lunch - again - to the girls most favorite places.  Do you know what it is?  Do you want to guess?  No, ok, is a picture of Mia Rose at the restaurant

Do you know where this is?  Yes, it is the occasional fast food at Burgerville.  The girls certainly enjoyed their Hamburger Kid's Meal along with a - very, very rare treat of an orange soda.  And yes,  it is galactosemia safe :)  Just in case you are interested here is the link to the allergen information on the Burgerville Website

We followed up the fun with a trip to the movie theater where we saw The Lorax in 3-D.  It Ron's fabulous idea - and I have to say it was a fantastic movie.  No, no worries I am not about to start reviewing movies - but we all enjoyed it very much.  What however is a visit to the movies without popcorn, right?  Even if you have just eaten lunch...

here is Mia Rose ready for the movie, and eating the family pop corn.  By the way,  at the concession stand they made a new batch just for us which was popped right into our bag.  The seasoning did contain lactose.  We all very much appreciated the extra effort by the staff.   The key as always is to ask.  People almost always want to help.  Oh, oh and before I forget here is the link to the movie


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