Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Linsen & Spaetzle

Guess who was super excited about dinner? Yes, Alena :))) and today without any sausages. It was still hit and everyone loved their dinner. Yay! Just in case you are wondering, no sausages today because Mia Rose stayed he sick from school. My poor baby has an ear infection...and yes, both of our girls eat lentils we do not exclude them from their diet.
The Spaetzle are Galactosemia safe and made without any milk. Here is the recipe - this is plenty for at least two meals. You can always freeze the Spaetzle
Spaetzle Recipe
- 500 gr flour
- 5 eggs
- salt
- 250 ml water
1. Mix all of the ingredients together until the dough falls heavy off a spoon
2. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil
3. Add one portion of the dough into a Spaetzle press - a potato ricer may work as well, I just
never tried it - and drop/push dough into boiling water. Take
take the Spaetzle out of the boiling water once they rise to the top.
4. Put into a shallow dish and keep them warm until serving. - To reheat put in a pan with melted
Earth Balance and gently warm until hot.


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