Saturday, March 10, 2012

Smoothies for breakfast

What took me so long to figure out that smoothies are perfect for breakfast? Well, it could have been the missing blender but I just never thought how much the girlies would love.
So finally it clicked :) I really want the girls to eat fruit in the morning and we were all out besides bananas, and frozen berries. Voila - and the breakfast smoothy idea came to life in our little house in Portland. Frozen berries - raspberries and blueberries in this one, vanilla soy yoghurt (we like WholeSoy), and some plain soy milk. Put it all in the blender and it was perfect...The other great thing about the smoothies is that it gives the girls calcium plus the perfect "vehicle" for the vitamin D drops. Well, I should say that Alena generally drinks fortified chocolate soy milk for breakfast and Mia Rose used to drink fortified OJ. Here is the kicker Mia Rose used to drink OJ and has only been drinking water. So adding smoothies for breakfast will also great for increasing the amount of calcium. Let's just hope that by posting it I did not jinx our new found perfect breakfast drink :)


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