Monday, May 21, 2012

Maifest and fun

It was another busy weekend here - luckily it was a sunny busy weekend.  The blue skies and sun are hard to remember as I look out on the grey sky while writing this. Take a look at the girlies on the hammock with Vanilla the cat...I should also post a picture of what it looks like right now ;)

Well, actually only Saturday was super busy as we headed out for Mai Fest at Oaks Park by Zeitgeist Northwest - German cultural organization with a mission to bring contemporary German culture, and education to Portland - an organization I am involved with.

Both ladies had their face painted as - yes, you guessed right - butterflies

they played...

Ron then took both girlies to a birthday party for our neighbor's and friends daughter.  And yes, there were cupcakes.  The mom - our good friend - made sure that there were plenty of vegan cupcakes for the girlies.  Yay!!!

They came back to Mai Fest where the girlies ate some pretzels, and - surprise, surprise - sausages - Pretzels by are now 100% vegan :). Refueled they were ready to go on a couple of the kids rides, and then they were tired....

Oh, and just in case you would like to see some more fantastic pictures from the Maifest, here is a link to the photo's on the Zeitgeist Northwest Facebook page  There is even a picture of me, and one of each girly.  Let me know if you find us :)


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