Wednesday, May 23, 2012


means the world to me. Who would have thought! Me, the person who thought that I would  - for one - never get married, and also not want to have children. A career I thought, was my calling.  HA!!! Writing this  seems a little harsh now, however it is the plain and simple truth.  I am  so happy that life did not turn out that way.  I am a wife, a mother, a lawyer, an all-around family-girl and I love it all aspects of it.

So why this topic, well I chose the topic because yes I started to write this post - tadahhhhh - right around Mother's Day. A time to reflect on my mothering.  Right?!  I became a mother the day Alena was born, but became a true fighting, to the core, deeply connected tiger mama when Alena was first admitted to the hospital. She was barely a week old.  Until then, it - oddly enough - seemed all unreal, I had never been around babies and then just when I started to adjust we were close to loose it all.  It was in those days when I saw Alena fight for her life, which literally brought me down on my knees crying and praying when motherhood became deeply engrained in me.  That was the moment when I realized that nothing else but my child(ren),  my family are the things that matter most in my life.  It is what makes my heart sing, it is what gives me purpose, and strength.  My family - yes, that includes Ron - make me laugh, do silly things, pull me up, and make  me do things I would have never thought possible.

In my mothering I try to instill in our children a positive attitude, and that there is NOTHING they cannot do*.  The sky is the limit, there is NOTHING holding them back, with the exception of the *, and certainly not Classic Galactosemia.  Yes, life is not always easy, or smooth sailing but that is just what it is like for everyone. True?! In any case, to me it is important to pass along a positive attitude and to never have them act as victims.  OK - that's it for now - time for me to get off my soap box; yes, I could write a lot more go into

*just as long as it is legal, and not a dangerous activity as I will determine in my sole discretion ;)


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