Friday, May 18, 2012

Yesterday late day - today dentist

Just a couple of days in our ordinary lives...Portland Public Schools a.k.a. "PPS" start two hours late once a month.  Yesterday was that day and it ended up as an unplanned as well as first "bring your kids to work day".  Why, well...OK if you really want to know I will tell you.  After  almost an entire school year completed, I was under the impression that the girls would be in school by 9:45 and therefore made an appointment at ten in my downtown office. As we were getting ready in the morning something felt strange and that is when it hit me.  Yes,  school starts at 10:35 and there is no way for me to make the meeting plus have the girls in school in time. So that is how the girls ended up in my office yesterday for our inaugural "bring your kids to work day".

Today we were on time in school, however both girls had a dentist appointment. So today I picked both of  them up before lunch.  Luckily both really like to go - it must be the prizes
Mia Rose was determined to sit in the pink chair
As the lunch break at school was already over we stopped at Whole Foods for lunch.  The selection is amazing, plus every ingredient listed, and allergens are declared - it sure makes life so much easier. After lunch the girls went back to school, and dinner?  A sunny day in Portland, and the entire family was home a perfect day to  go to the Hedgehouse. We all get to sit outside and the kids have time to run in the grass...Oh, and in case you are wondering what they ate, it was the usual P.A.B.S.T. Sandwich without the "P" so Avocado, Bacon, Tomato Sandwich  - the "P" stands for Provolone which - of course - was not on their sandwich...
Root Beer and A.B.S.T. 

You may remember from my prior posts the place next to the Hedgehouse.  If you guessed Pix Patisserie you are right?  Both kids were determined to have dessert, and today there was a great day for "milk free" people at Pix. Six different, vegan sorbet's to choose from. who says kids with Galactosemia never get to eat dessert out?!
Strawberry Sorbet


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