Monday, November 12, 2012

Gnocchi in Florentine Sauce & the last day of the long weekend

The last day of our long weekend...I very much enjoyed the slower pace of the days.  No rush to pack lunch bags in the morning, no need to rush the girlies...and time to get work done early in the morning. Yes, thank you Oregon Public Broadcasting :)  -  Both girls have wanted to go back to Playdate PDX for a long time.  It is such a fun place for them {to me it is stressful} and they play for hours; so it is a nice treat but you know I can still get work done.  Hey, it is a win-win situation.  The girlies play while the mothership works.  -  I have to say it worked out thing I should have done was take a picture.  What was I thinking?!

But now on to dinner - one of my all time favorite dishes to make when in a bind is gnocchi. It is easy and yet so delicious.  All you need is potatoes, flour, salt, and olive oil.  And yes, a little time but it all comes together quite easy.  - We had a bunch of fresh spinach left from last week's CSA delivery so the perfect topping for tonight's Gnocchi...

First make the Gnocchi
Florentine Sauce
Splash of Olive Oil
2 garlic cloves minced
1 bunch of spinach - washed and coarsely chopped
2 Tbl lemon juice
2 Tbl pesto {I had frozen pesto without cheese that I made in the summer}
2 Tbl Tofuti Sour Cream
Salt, and pepper to taste
1. heat olive oil and when warm add garlic. After a minute or so, add
2. Spinach,  lemon juice and cover pot.  When spinach is wilted add,
3. Pesto {reduce heat}, and Tofuti.  Adjust salt and pepper to taste

Place Gnocchi on a serving dish - top with Florentine Sauce and toss.  Serve - optional - with generous serving of grated Parmesiano Regiano.

Okay here is the was really good, I know the picture is not very good {as Ron said you cannot make it look good}

copyright galactopdx 2012


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