Monday, November 5, 2012

#Serendipity Part Two - #Thankful

I start - then I stop; ideas come and go; what should I write? It is yet another November - another year went by and I have so much to be thankful for.  I should write part two of the serendipity series {well, okay one piece written and posted}, or write about being thankful?! In a way it both intertwines, but both are - at least in my mind - different.  Am I making any sense?  Yup, I am still deciding as to where this post will take me...just mind up my mind, it is time for part two.  And yes, I just gave this post a title - well of course you will see the title first but in all truth it was titled exactly at this point :)

Okay so let me back up and link in Serendipity Part One - just a brief summary Ron and I serendipitously met through friends in Chicago. We both had moved to town the same weekend {we did not each other}.  He from Wisconsin, and me from Germany. After a few years of dating, and cohabitation we got married.  We lived in Oak Park {suburb of Chicago}, traveled quite a bit and eventually moved to Portland, Oregon.  While I was in graduate school, Ron worked - you know, the grind.  Nothing serendipitous just yet...then we had Alena; she was born in late November right before Thanksgiving.

My pregnancy had followed the expected plan - delivery before exams, with time to take exams after she was born {note to self - what was I thinking?!}. She was on schedule. Everything set - we arrived at the hospital; and according to plan she was born.  So, you ask where is here the serendipity?!  Wait, wait...we brought her to the nursery on the maternity floor and on the way back, I saw a brochure from the state of Oregon similar to the one Idaho publishes {note: the Oregon brochure does not seem to be available online}.  I read it and got worried.  Ron on the other hand calmed me down pointing out how rare positive findings are.  Yup, rare - can I just point out for a second how rare it was that Ron and I even met.  Yes, and we moved to Chicago at the same time without even knowing each other...Long story short, we were on our way to be dismissed from the hospital when I remembered that brochure.  Accidentally  - yes it happens - Alena's Newbornscreen had not been performed.  She already was strapped into her car seat.  And yes,  I call it serendipity that we saw and read the brochure.  Just imagine had she not been tested!  Yes, more likely than not she would not be with us this is what I am thankful for.

So why is the title serendipity and not just plain thankful?  Well, you may or may not know this but whenever there is a genetic disorder involved both parents carry the same gene.  Yes, Ron and I carry the same recessive gene.  Me the German girl, and he the Wisconsin boy.  - We met in a happy surprise {serendipity}, I read the brochure in accidental discovery {serendipity - so thankful for it}, our child is picked up by the newbornscreen {fate = serendipity}...It was meant to be :)

Now, stay tuned for Serendipity Part Three - yes, yes, yes there is a third part...Serendipity is the piece that seems to be threading through our life....And yes, we are all good.  Our kids are perfect - we are happy....Okay, I will get now off my soapbox. Thank you for reading!

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Here we are...summer 2012

P.S.: Here is the link to our family story and to the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation.  Please
        share information about newborn screening with all of your expecting friends, family. It saves


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