Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend #Fun and #Food

We are having a long weekend here in Portland.  No school this past Friday, and neither on Monday.  I have to say, that all of us are enjoying it.  Yes, I did work on Friday morning but the girls were able to enjoy some PBS Kids Television time, and by late morning we headed off to OMSI for the Grossologie  Exhibit {it is a lot of fun}. On Saturday both girlies were invited to a Birthday party.  We usually go to German Sophie Scholl Schule every Saturday morning but it is too much for me {and for the girlies} with two things going on.  So this week we decided - shame on me - to take a "mental health" Saturday morning and skip school.  It honestly felt so good, not having to drive out to the suburbs and take the time of {I usually work when the girls are in school}.  I think that my body really needed that time of relaxation.  Plus I took time to make a Saturday morning breakfast of "Eggs in Toast" with Pomegrante. - take a look :) Now if only the girls would really like eggs...
copyright galactopdx 2012

The girls had so much fun at the Birthday party.  It was at a gymnastics studio with cake and treats afterwards.  I offered - as I usually do - to bring cupcakes for the girlies, but the Mom of the birthday girl had already taken care of it.  Two special vegan cupcakes for our girlies while the rest of the kids had birthday cake.  We were told by the parents that all of the kids ended up wanting to have cupcakes instead of the birthday cake.  Honestly,  I am so excited that it is not the other way around.  You know, our kids being sad about not having birthday cake.  It is a good thing.

Today - Sunday - we spent some time at the Oregon Zoo.  You know the thing about Oregonians?!  We - yes, I do consider myself an Oregonian after ten years in this beautiful state - go out even if it rains; the rain does not hold us back.  The really nice thing about going to the Zoo in the rain is that you do not have to beat the crowds :)
Alena reading about the life cycle of Salmon
Mia Rosie and Ron 
Oh, and there even was a treat of "Elephant Ears".  All those years I always assumed that the batter contains whey, but it is safe.  Whoo-hoo; I know, I know the old saying about assume...ha - we ordered it without the butter and voila both girlies had a sweet treat...
Alena enjoying her portion of the "Elephant Ear"

And yes, it has been getting really cold by now {40's F}, it is rainy, grey, and just beautifully cozy.  So for dinner it is Spaghetti Bolognese.  This is the recipe of one of my very best friends and it just delicious, comforting and warming.  What a beautiful weekend this is...
Spaghetti Bolognese


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