Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Night Fun...

I know, I know it is already Saturday night and I have fallen behind :)  In any case,  we had a communal dinner yesterday with our friends and neighbors.  The girls had great fun hanging out with their friends,  and we also got to enjoy some adult conversation. The four girls ate first, then had a treat of Almond Dream Praline Crunch Ice Cream - which by the way all of them loved - and then got to watch Tangled (I call it Rapunzel) along with some fresh popcorn.  Here is a picture of the girls at dinner

Alena and her friend Ana before sitting down for dinner

These two ladies just could not wait :) - Mia Rose and her friend Sophia
So, while the girlies enjoyed the movie we enjoyed a nice dinner with adult conversation.  Great start into the weekend.

Oh, oh, I almost forgot  - we had Polenta, mushrooms, salad, peppers, meatballs, and sausage for dinner. Yummy!


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