Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The last blood draw for 2011...

...what a winter break we have.  Yesterday Alena's Birthday Party, and today we went up to the "hill" (OHSU) for the girl's blood draw.  Ever since we have gotten the "magic cream" aka anesthetic cream blood draws have become very routine, easy, and almost fun.  We park the car at the Southwaterfront garage of OHSU, and take the tram up to the hospital.
Girls in the tram on the way up to the "Hill"

Then we stop at the Metabolic Clinic, where the girls get the magic cream applied, and voila, 30 minutes later their blood is drawn.
The girlies waiting for the "magic cream" to do it's magic
No big event.  - Yup, that is what I was expecting.  It has become almost somewhat painless for all of us involved.  Well, but today was different.  I guess that is what happens if you become too comfortable.  The girls had decided that Mia Rose would go first.  She is such a trooper - sat on my lap, held up her arm, and watch the entire procedure.  Alena went second.  She sat on my lap, and was OK for the draw.  As I gathered up our stuff she said "Mommy I am so so sleep". The phlebotomists quickly gazed at each other, then back to Alena, sat her down and gave her apple juice.  She had actually broken out in a cold sweat.  After a few minutes she felt better, we left and then she lied down right in front of the elevators.  Told me she was too tired to walk, or do anything.  Do I need to tell you how I felt?  I am sure you know.  There was a little streak of panic and what if's'.

Long story short - after lying down, addition apple juice and a visit from the Medical Assistant to take her blood pressure, Alena was OK.  It was probably just because Alena was so stressed out about the draw...In any way, I honestly can tell you that this whole entire episode - and yes, I know it really is not a big deal - got me quite unsettled.  All is good now :) - Oh, and by the way we met Ron out for lunch. Both girls indulged themselves in Burgers with Fries.  And you know what else, I did not cook dinner tonight.  Alena ate the rest of her cake - for dinner :), and Mia Rose had the remaining Fleischkuechle from last night...

Take care!


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