Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Night - after birthday party - Dinner

...Fleischkuechle with Swabian potato salad and mixed in greens.  What are Fleischkuechle?  In Bavaria they call them Fleischpflanzerl, and in other parts of Germany they are referred to as Buletten.  We call them Fleischkuechle - little meat cakes.  OK - the translation really does come across really well.  They are not meatballs, and not hamburgers.  But very delicious and our ladies love them as well as as the potato salad.  So here it is the photo of our dinner tonight.  Note, Mia Rosie in the background :)

Fleischkuechle, potato salad
OK - I will now call it now a night.  It has been a long day :)  Have a great day!


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