Saturday, December 10, 2011

A fun Saturday spent in downtown Pdx

and I have to tell you right away that there will be no dinner picture tonight.  Sorry, if you have been anticipating it :)

After having so much fun last night, we had a very slow start into our Saturday.  We have not been downtown with the girls for a long time, so what better time?  It was a freezing cold day here in our great city of Portland - OK, freezing cold for us with temperatures hovering about 39F - but fun to be outside and get into the holiday spirit. We heard and saw some of the Christmas Tuba on Pioneer Square - who know - which both girls loved since both of them love to sing. Then worked our way up to Finnegan's the toy store which is at a new location. By the way, I find the new location quite disappointing :( Our next stop was to go to the Ducks store.  So, if you are not in Oregon and not into college Football you probably have no idea what I am talking about :)  so here is a link to the Oregon Ducks - oh, and if you are a Beavers Fan I really do not favor one more than the other.  Really!  So here is the link to the Oregon Beavers for all you Beaver people :)

Now back to our day.  We took the Max from Pioneer Square to the Saturday Market, and walked to the Duck store.  And what surprise, Santa Duck was there and we met him.  The picture is unfortunately not yet ready, but I promise to post it! Mia Rose told me later "...I thought he is fake, but he is real..." Oh, so worth it :)

We strolled back to the Max station Portland via the great Portland Saturday Market which is another great Portland institution We stopped for a warm up coffee, and a hot chocolate for the girls.  I just love Portland.  Of course, they had soy milk, and yes, the chocolate was vegan - so it was no issue at all to get a Galactosemia friendly Hot Chocolate for our girlies.  Look at Alena warming up...

and a couple steps later we stopped to get some "Moondrops" - which are fresh roasted almonds aka "Gebrannte Mandeln" Yummy!  Almonds, sugar and cinnamon - such a delight.  Freshly made, warm, so good and yes, Galactosemia friendly.  Who-hoo!

mmmhhh, delicious...
Happy Holidays to all!


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