Friday, December 9, 2011

We went out on Thursday...

Alena had her "All about Alena" presentation in school today.  She showcased herself and put together a presentation with pictures as well as stories about her life.  The project was actually quite an undertaking as we went back to look at pictures from the time she was born until now.  We did have a lot of fun!

In any case,  she had a successful presentation and what better way to celebrate than with a dinner out.  We had dinner at Deschutes Brewery Public House here in Portland. - Both ladies chose to eat the kids Hamburger which on the menu is a Cheeseburger.  We are so proud of our girls - they ordered themselves "Kids hamburger without any cheese, or dairy on it because we are allergic".  Whoo-hoo...the waitress was amazing.  She double checked on the bun - so if you go and you cannot have the milk products be sure to order the burger with the Gluten Free Bun.  It is made with almond milk, instead of the cow :)

Look at the ladies - very happy with their Burgers :)


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