Sunday, December 18, 2011

Leftovers for a delicious Saturday lunch

...remember the risotto we had a couple of days ago? Well, I made so much that we ended up having a ton of leftovers. It was a perfect lunch - risotto cakes with a side of salad. To make the risotto cakes, I just added a bread crumbs - I use Panko as it is dairy free and Galactosemia safe - formed the cakes and fried some up with a small about of oil in a griddle. They turned out good - as a first course :) we had cups of Gulasch. Perfect - no need to cook anything else.

Oh, you are wondering about dinner? We were invited to a party where there was lots, and lots of foods to graze on. Also for the girls - there were only a couple "non-safe" items which we pointed out to them. All of us had a great time :)


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