Monday, January 23, 2012

Lauchkuchen on a Monday Night

Now I do not know, how does this dish make the most sense in English.  Leak Tart?,  Leak Pie?, or Leak Quiche? - Well, I really do not like to describe it as a quiche as this is just so far off from what it really is. OK - maybe I will stick to leak tart :) In any case, that was for dinner tonight - we all love leak.  So yummy...and I do not just use the white part, but the entire leak.

Anyways,  I use a yeast dough to make this dish and start it usually make the dough in the late morning  Have I ever mentioned what a great kitchen helper I have?  Mia Rosie loves to cook and she rolled out the entire dough by herself.  I just put some of the flour on it, and put it in the pan.  She did an amazing job!

And here is the finished meal....

what do you think we made with it?  I know, I know it really is not a challenge as we eat salad almost is just that good :)

Just in case - I have posted the recipe before.  Please let me know if you would like me to repost, or send it to you.


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