Monday, May 30, 2011

Back in town...lunch and.dinner on the road

What a fantastic mini vacation the four of us had in Central Oregon. Lots of fun family time. Biking, canoeing on the Deschutes, hot tubbing, and family movie nights. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather - it was snowing (!) on Saturday, no outdoor pool time. Still, it was relaxing and fun family time.

Today we headed back to Portland. We first stopped off for a visit to the Hign Desert Museum - always lot's of fun -> . After a nice visit we ate lunch in the cafe. It was a tiny, tin bit challenging to find out which bread - if any - were safe for the girls. This however was resolved in one single phone call. Both hot dog, and hamburger buns are a no and whole wheat, and sour dough a yes. Yippee - Mia Rosie did get the turkey sandwich she so longed for ;) and Alena had no problem eating her hot dog without the bun. She had chips instead so who needs bread?! That was quite successful :)

For dinner we stopped in T Government Camp which is a out 1-1/2 outside of Portland. Great adult beverages, and good food. The girls shared a pepperoni pizza, and fries. Not quite the healthy and whole food we often try to strive for :) but it is still vacation after all. Well, at least until tomorrow morning when the alarm clock will bring us back to reality!

Have a great day!


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