Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dinner tonight out - Dinner at the Hedge House and dessert at Pix

Thursday is my Friday night and I am ready for break from cooking :) We are so lucky to have such many great restaurants very close to home and with a nice break in the rain all of us were ready for some al Fresco dinning.

We went to the Hedge House right around the corner. The girls played in the grass while Ronand I enjoyed a beer :) They have simple dinners and great beer. The girls always get the same - they share an PABST without the P. Are you wondering what it may be?! - A PABST is a Provolone, Avocado, Bacon, Salad, and Tomato sandwich with chips. The girls get an ABST which is without the Provolone. Delicious and safe :)

Pix is right next door to the Hedge House. Amazing desset most of are "unsafe" at Pix however there is always vegan sorbet, and generally another couple of vegan choices. Mia Rose chose a huge lollipop today while Alena ordered coconut-chocolate sorbet. Yummy - delicious. Wow - I am ready for the weekend :)


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