Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Dinner - 8-Bean Soup, baby green salad with tomatoes, and home made "No knead" bread

So I rest all weekend and by Monday I am back in the kitchen. Mia Rose and I are both off on Monday. It is the day to refill the pantry and get ready for the weekly roller-coaster ride.

Make breakfast, and lunch; drop girlies off at two different schools; work; pick-up Alena, pick-up Mia Rosie; make snack; start dinner; homework; read; play a little, and then bed time. It's a fantastic roller-coaster - truly :))) The snack offerings vary - yesterday it was Guacamole, chips, Edamame and Chocolate Soy Milk; today Hummus, Chips, Carrots, and Chocolate Soy Milk; what will it be tomorrow? Maybe Pretzles and Soy yoghurt?!

Alright - now it's time for this mothership to put her feet up :)))


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