Sunday, May 15, 2011

No dinner photo today :(

What a day! Sunday's always start out slow and then seems to somewhat spiral a little out of control. Where did the time go...oh well.
This morning we skyped with family as well as friends in Europe and then went out fo breakfast. Our pantry always seems to be empty when the weekend comes around and I am also worn out of the constant chore of making breakfast - lunch - dinner. Yes, I absolutely admit it :)
In any case, we spent the rest of this drizzly day at the Oregon Zoo. Rainy days at the Oregon Zoo are as it is the best crowd control ;) Ice cream at Ben&Jerry's after the Zoo was enjoyed by all - lemon sorbet w/chocolate sprinkles for both ladies - and we picked-up di ne at New Season's. There you have it - the mothership was a complete fail in the kitchen this weekend. Oh here's to a fantastic start into the new week


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