Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blood draw is coming up

It's been a Long, Long Time since the Girls had their last draw. Too long, really truth be said and that's why we will be going up to the hill on Monday. Both girls are - obviously - not thrilled, but the magic cream does the trick. The anesthetic topical cream really does work wonders. Or maybe they are also just more relaxed because they are older now and we are more relaxed. Truth be said I have the usual pit in my stomach. You know how I feel about Galactosemia. It is part of our life, not the focus nor what rules our lives,and certainly not what defines me, our kids, or our family. Still, the draw always puts a pit in my stomach, it always puts me back to the days when Alena was fighting for her life. Intersting, isn't it?

It's all good and the Glass is always half it's time for my first cup of coffee :)


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