Monday, July 4, 2011

Cow and milk conversation overheard in the car this morning..

Ron likes to run the Sauvie Isand Half Marathon every 4th of July, and this year was the first time we joined him to hang out. Sauvie Island is on the Columbia River and is about 45 minutes away from where we live in Portland. It is where we go berry picking, to the pumpkin patch, and for an occasional hike. Beautiful especially on a sunny day with blue skies. In any case, we left bright and it being an island there is only one road to take you to the start of the race. We sat in traffic, next to herds of cows roming on their pastures. So here is the conversation...

Alena "oh, I Love cows so much. They are beautiful"
Ron "Why do you love cows"
Alena "Because they give milk"
Mia Rose "but Alena we cannot eat cows milk"
Alena "I Know, but other people can and it is good for them..."

I was amazed and - I admit - proud...


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