Monday, July 11, 2011

Where did we go last weekend?

Our first tent camping of the year :) We drove out to the Columbia River Gorge and camped at Memaloose State Park -> It is a fun but rather loud campground. Interstate 84 is right above it, and the rail is right below the campground. It is still fun, there is a playground and great Junior Ranger Program. Just so nice to spend time outside :) - we stayed for two nights. Camping dinner on the first night was the old staple of baked beans, and - this time - Brats. For the second night Ron made Fajitas for us :) We brought along the rest. Soy milk, bread, etc.

While there we went on an amazing hike in the Gorge at Rowena Crest. - Both girls actually enjoyed the hike and we were busy exploring. We finished the day with a visit to the Gorge Discovery Center before heading back to the campground. On our way back to Portland we stopped for Lunch at the old stand by Burgerville :), then crossed the Bridge into Washington. We heard about Schreiner Farms where there are Zebras, Camels, and Giraffes and took the detour. Amazing to see these animals roam here with Mt. Hood in the backdrop Then there was one more stop for another quick hike at Catherine Creek

There you have it - our entire weekend in a nutshell...


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