Sunday, July 24, 2011

A lovely lazy Sunday

I just hope that I will not jinx it, but it appears that summer as finally arrived in Portland, Oregon - Finally sunshine and warm - but luckily not too hot - weather :)

We spent most of the day outside. We took a long neighborhood walk - the girlies rode their bikes - to two different playgrounds, and then headed over to Porque No? It is a fantastic Mexican restaurant, fun atmosphere, low key and delicious - as well as safe - food. Guacamole and chips; rice & beans and a chicken taco. Now guess who was eating what?! Alright, alright I will not keep you in suspense :) Taco for Mia Rosie, and rice & beans for our bean lover, Alena. We passed on dessert, but they do have sorbet. Whoo-hoo. Is that not fantastic?! Here is the link to Porque No? ->

The way back home was a little more challenging for the ladies as we live on top of a hill :) So once we arrived back it was time to hop through sprinkler, and enjoy a fruit popsicle for dessert...


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