Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Night Dinner dinner photo tonight :( this is Mia Rosie this morning...We were at a really fun party and got home late. There were sausages as well as French bread for the girls to eat. Most of the other foods were off limits. It is amazing to me to see the girls ask to determine which foods they can eat. Even if something looks good and they find out that it is not safe, neither has an issue. There were many desserts. Brownies, delicious cakes and unfortunately not one of them safe. Both girls wanted me to come along and check it out. Alena was a little disappointed, that she could not have a brownie. But you know what? It was OK - both girls understand that there are many foods that are not safe. Truth be said, the fact that we brought along delicious Soy Ice Cream :) Today we brought So Delicious Neopolitan - vanilla-chocolate-strawberry all in one :)

There is a final thought to all of this. The diet is managable - Eating out, Parties, travel it all is possible. There are no limits. The only limits are those that we set ourselves. It just takes planning, asking, and some trust!


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