Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Night Dinner and a story

Oh, what a day! Not the night to make dinner...so we went out to HopWorks in Southeast Portland. There is a great playarea for the kids, plus good beer, and good food choices for all of us.

Alena decided to order herself - here it goes paraphrased "I would like the Hot Dog without cheese; no dairy please..." Now that makes this mother proud! It proves to me that being around foods they cannot eat both girls learn to always ask. It also proves that empowerment works. We could have gone the other way. Shield them from any food items they cannot eat, portray them falsely of victims of a delibitating illness, falsely feel sorry, and conveying a negative image. But that is not what Galactosemia is. This is a Metabolic disorder that is managable; and after living through a bout of E.Coli Mengengits this - with all it may bring - is certainly managable. Our children must be empowered, and they can only be empowered by parents conveying a positive message, and giving them the tools to understand their diet As well As the disorder.

Galactosemia does not define our family. It is part of our life, but that's it!!! There are no limitations in their abililities - the sky is the limit. There will only be limitations if children belive they are limited, because of CG defines them... Ok - I could go on for a while but rest assured I will get off my soap box for now.


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