Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Power to Empower - another conversation overheard...

...2011 seems to be the year when many of our friends move back to Europe. Just last week another set of close family friends left. So we - luckily if I may add so - inherited a bunch of stuff from them including some food items. The food stuff included also a couple of cans of Campbell's Dora Soup. So here is the conversation I overheard:-

Mia Rose after Looping at the can closely and pretending to read the label... "Look Alena there is Dora Soup but we cannot eat it" - Alena responds "You are right it has Kuhmilch (milk) in it" Both girls calls me "Mama look they mistakenly gave us that has Kuhmilch in it!"

Whoo-hoo - it so wonderful to see how the girls learn and understand what they can and cannot eat. It shows to me the importance in having them involved with shopping. This is where they learn that labels must always be read, and that a lot of the foods geared towards kids is not safe for them. The soup issue came up on our last trip to Fred Meyer a couple of weeks ago when we saw the fun soups. Both were excited to see it, and both remembered that they cannot eat it.

Here is to empowering children :) The Sky is the only limit!


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