Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fun Friday...

so do you want to know what we did on our Fun Friday off?  We went the new waterpark in McMinnville.  It is amazing - there is a 747 on top of the roof and the slides start out through the exits in the back of the plane.  Look at it

Can you see the slides coming out of the plane?  I kid you not!!!  -  The pool opened at three and since we got there early it was plenty of time to walk around.  It was however not enough time to go into the museum to see the Spruce Goose...

Alena by the museum
And we also checked out some of the planes parked in the grass.  Here is Ron with the girlies
We swam, went down the slides, jumped in the waves, relaxed in the Hot Tub for almost three hours before we were ready to leave.  McMinneville is about 35 Miles outside town so we decided to eat dinner in McMinneville at the McMennamins Hotel Oregon.

Both girls chose a Kids Hamburger along with Kinderbeer a.k.a. Rootbeer. I know, I know where is the healthy food...The girls were prepared to eat their burger without a bun, as it happens often because it is not safe.  But you know what?  All of their buns are vegan. Whoo-hoo.

In case you would like to see where we went.  Here are the links  and


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