Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Potato - Leek Soup served with Quick No-Knead Bread

I think this will be a "soupy" kind of week and it also is a short on salad. Can you believe that?! It is just little different kind of week for no particular reason at all.

The weather is still grey and wet. First crocuses and early daffodils are starting to bloom. It is still time for delicious soup to warm the belly :)

Easy Potato - Leek Soup

1 onion chopped
1 carrot cleaned, and diced
4 leek's, cleaned, and cut into chunks (I used most of the stem)
splash of olive oil
1 qt of vegetable broth, or 4 cups of water and 1-2 cubes of vegetable broth
salt, and pepper
Optional diced ham

- warm Olive Oil and add onions along with some salt. Sautee until soft
- add carrots, and leek until leeks are bright green
- add broth, or water and boullion cubes
- bring to a simmer and cook until potatoes are soft
- reserve 1 cup of leek & potato chunks. Use handblender to puree the soup. When it has
desired consistency return leek & potato chunks to the pot
- add diced ham - if using
- adjust salt and pepper to taste

Voila - Galactosemia safe potato - leek soup. The bread is also safe, easy to make and delicious. Here is the link http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/08/dining/081mrex.html

Oh, and I know you all want to hear about the big Birthday party...I promise pictures and details will finally be posted tomorrow :)))


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