Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alena's first day of Second Grade

Wow! I can hardly believe that my little girls started second grade today. What a difference to the start of school last year. After one year in our neighborhood school we love it. I have no concern that Alena would eat "unsafe" foods - and I do feel that our school is what it should be, a safe place. I checked in briefly with Alena's new teacher, and she - the new teacher - knew about Alena's dietary restrictions and Galactosemia. I am thankful for IEP as all the information is in it, and follows Alena. So here I cheer for successful, exciting, and fun school year for my big girl and all others :) - Have a great 2011/12 school year, all!!!

P.S.: Alena is so excited that school started again - as I write this I hear her tell Ron more
stories from her first day today...


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