Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mia Rosie's first day of Kindergarten

Today, it was happened. Mia Rose started Kindergarten. I will tell you the truth, my heart was heavy for most of the Mia Rose however had a fantastic day!

On the walk to school, Alena filled Mia Rose in on all the details such as, if you get hurt you go to the office, no running in the halls, etc. Mia Rose is such a big girl. She was a little apprehensive as you can probably see in this picture which I took at the school. But she was so excited to see her classroom, meet new friends, and learn all about the things she has seen from her big sister. I am very, very excited for her.

Leading up to the first school day, I set up a brief meeting with the school nurse to fill her in about Mia Rosie's Galactosemia, but because Alena already started last year the nurse already knew a lot about it. We also stopped in the cafeteria to introduce Mia Rose to the staff. The staff then also noted the information on Mia Rosie's lunch card. So, we should be all set - all that I have left to do it bring some treats for both girls. It will probably be popsicles for Mia Rose, and Tofutti Cuties for Alena...

Alright, one more day of school before the weekend :)


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