Thursday, September 29, 2011

The last couple of days...

...have been fun and for some - to me unknown reason - I have been unable to upload the post which I wrote last night together with a picture.  Oh well,  so today no picture and just text.

Both girls are going to school and they both like it a lot  Today Alena had a "Wandertag".  A Wandertag is when the kids go on a day hike together with their class.  Theu usually hike through the woods to a playground, where a fire is made,  the kids roast their sausages on the fire, and - of course - play.  I am so excited that she got to be part of it.  Alena was so excited to go hiking with her class.  In preparation we got the sausage already a couple of days ago and had it vacuum packaged.  We bought the sausage from one of the butchers that does not use any lactose in their products.

So today,  I packed her backpack with the sausage, a couple of salami (lactose free) sandwiches, carrot, and also some chocolate which I brought along from PDX, as well as some Gummibears. We dropped her off at school and off they went.  First they took a bus, and then hiked up to the playground.  Good thing Alena loves the outdoors, and hiking :)

Mia Rosie spent the morning at Kindergarten, and the rest of the day at my Mom's house. My Mom has been cooking for us almost daily. She has been adjusting the recipes and making substitutions with safe ingredients.  It almost seems that there are more substitutions available here.  Yoghurt tastes amazing, whip cream, etc.

OK - I just hope that I will be ale to post pictures again tomorrow.  And before I forget, the daily dinner pictures will resume when we get back to PDX.


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